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PowerBag® Parts List

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PowerBag® Systems

PBS100 The PowerBag System (Full Kit) - includes: Handle, Feeder Hose and Cinch Strap plus a Sample Pack of 3 Plastic PowerBags
PBS101 The PowerBag System - Basic Pack Includes: as above, Handle, Feeder Hose and Cinch Strap (excludes Sample Pack)

Replacement Parts

PBS110 PowerBag Handle with retractable cord
PBS120 Feeder Hose - flexible Feeder Hose and Cinch Strap (Hose comes with universal coupling and nozzle)
PBS130 Metal clip - to carry Plastic PowerBags
PBS140 Hook & Loop Cinch Strap - to secure the Paper PowerBag to the nozzle


PBS200 Plastic PowerBag - Large Heavy Duty 28” X 38”, Sealed top with 7” opening and inside channel
PBS300 Biodegradable Paper PowerBag - Large 26” X 38” 2 ply wet strength, sealed top with valve
PBS400 Biodegadable Plastic PowerBag (Available 2006) - As above, Heavy Duty 28” X 38”

Customer Service for Internet purchases: 604-261-0341
All returns require pre-authorization, please have your model number and receipt available.

Note: PowerBag® products are guaranteed to be without manufacturing defects. They are engineered for normal residential use and are not crush proof. Store in a secure high location away from direct sunlight and out of the reach of children and pets.