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PowerBag® makes yard clean-up fast and easy

Simply fill the PowerBag® and drop it at the curb!

Paper PowerBag on ground Plastic PowerBag on ground



  • PowerBag helps the environment
  • plastic and paper PowerBags are biodegradable and compost-friendly
  • PowerBag saves time
  • with PowerBag, leaves flow faster into the bag you drop at the curb
  • PowerBag eliminates the messy transfer of leaves from small canvas bags
  • PowerBag reduces clogging from wet leaves
  • PowerBag saves money
  • blower/vac mulching reduces leaf volume: 3 leaf bags = 1 PowerBag
  • PowerBag saves energy
  • stop raking: let your blower/vac do the job for you
  • no more heavy bags to carry, work with PowerBag on the ground